LiveStreaming wedding at Galleria Marchetti Chicago

What is the difference of real EVENT livestream and other options?
Most of us are confused today because of a variety of solutions.
The answer is simple if you are looking for the best way to display
Your Event you cannot go with solutions designed for anything else but event live streaming.
For example Zoom meeting is a perfect way to stream meetings, talk to your
Friends, do live seminars and more. But if you are planning to use it for the Wedding or other family event it may be a wrong tool. While you can connect people and even show them some “security camera” footage live, it will not show the Event with all the beauty you carefully planned for your Day.
Live streaming solution with is a latest technology with elegant ways to deliver the best Quality to your audience. Your family and loved ones who cannot attend deserve to get the best quality picture of the Day. After carefully planning all the details for the Day you are the one who deserves better exposure more than anyone else.
Our Live stream solution can create a Broadcast style stream, with multi-camera live switching and advanced sound. We also can display graphics and videos to your audience.
In addition we can record the broadcasted video with multi source for further fine tune editing to deliver your event as a digital file.
Please contact us for packages and prices if you are interested to show the best of your DAY!

Pixwedo LiveStream Wedding

Our current Live Streaming event. Please use link below if you prefer to see it on YouTube. LiveStream quality  depends on youd connection speed and platform. Click "refresh" page on your browser if there are problems with livestream. Thank you for being patient.

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