Our Approach

Our Approach

PixWeDo is a full service company who offer all kind of media production, studio and pro photo-lab with more than 15 years of successful standing on market. We located in Park Ridge Illinois, and covering metro Chicago area, vicinities, Northwest Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan. We carefully making selection of our team members. Most of us have an extended art background and experience with media and film production industry. We force our photographers, camera operators and editors to follow new technologies and trend. We constantly updating our shooting style, equipment and techniques in order to be up-to-date with market. Our team members are open to discuss new ideas and will do everything possible to bring your dreams to life with our experience and advanced techniques.

We all agreed to take limited number of contracts every year. Our postproducition process is a complex one, no shortcuts. It takes time and we do not compromise the quality with quantity. Same apply on shooting teams.

We own professional photo-lab and studio. That let us to keep most of the work in our hands and that is a success of high quality products and consistency with all the projects.

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